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Hoku is a singer songwriter born and raised in Honolulu Hawaii.

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Hoku is the daughter of the late great Hawaiian music legend, Don Ho. She was born June 10th of 1981--the seventh of ten children--and raised in Hawaii on the slopes of Diamond Head. She spent her early years on her father’s stage in Waikiki where she discovered her love for music and performing. Led by her father’s expert hand, Hoku soon grew to be an accomplished performer and singer, and a local Hawaiian star.

Her self-titled debut album was released on Interscope Records in 2000. Riding the wave of blond-pop success in the days of Britney and Christina’s rise to super stardom, Hoku struggled to find a comfortable niche in the grind of the pop-music machine. She found success with hit songs like "Another Dumb Blonde", "The Burrito Song", and "Perfect Day", but ultimately chose to part ways with her label due to conflicting views of the future of her marketing and imaging.

In the years to follow, Hoku spent her time honing her craft, sharpening her skills as a songwriter and producer, and finding a voice of her own. Her new material is self written and self financed through her own label, Ola Vista Records. A little older, a little wiser, and armed with a clear vision for the next chapter of her life in music, Hoku is ready to make her way back into your hearts and onto your iPods.

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