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Called By Name - EP

by Hoku Clements


9/7 . Carlsbad, CA

Storyteller Concert for “Mom Connection” @ North Coast Calvary Chapel

9/10 . Carlsbad, CA

“WE Preview” @ North Coast Calvary Chapel

9/12 . North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

RADIANT with Monica Swanson

9/12 . North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

Storyteller Concert

10/13 . Ladera Ranch, CA

Storyteller Concert

10/18 . Newport Beach, CA

Storyteller Concert

11/8 . Carlsbad, CA

“Unveiling” @ North Coast Calvary Chapel

11/15 . Mission Viejo, CA

Storyteller Concert . PRIVATE FUNDRAISER

12/5-7 . Santa Cruz, CA

Western States Retreat



Hoku Clements was born in Honolulu, Hawaii,

the daughter of Hawaiian music icon Don Ho.


At the age of 18 she became a pop star in her own right under the single-name moniker “Hoku”

Her debut single, "Another Dumb Blonde,” from the motion picture Snow Day was certified GOLD, and she continued to find mainstream success with such hits as "The Burrito Song,” and the Legally Blonde Movie Soundtrack anthem, "Perfect Day.” Hoku was a mainstay on MTV & the Disney Channel, the face of national advertisements with Bongo Jeans & Twix, a performer at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo, and a runway model for Tommy Hilfiger.





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